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Workman Farms Complete Herd Dispersal

Thursday, December 21, 2017 -- 01:00 PM CST


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1TestTest Your Bidding1TestTestOnline View
21BOUNDARY ODIN 103Z1BullWorkman FarmsVirden MB View
32PWK MS LABEL 3L 30T1Cow Workman Farms  View
42APWK WHISKEY 30T 39E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
53PWK MS WINCHESTER 114R35T1Cow Workman Farms  View
63APWK MS WHISKEY 35T 24E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
74PWK MISS RUBY 10R 18U1Cow Workman Farms  View
85PWK MS WINCHESTER 61S 60U1Cow Workman Farms  View
95APWK MS MAXY 60U 10E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
106PWK MS BEEF 2T 16W1Cow Workman Farms  View
117BLCC MISS EDITION 64W1Cow Workman Farms  View
127APWK MR VISION 64W 9E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
138PWK LITTLE SUZY 97T 87W1Cow Workman Farms  View
148APWK ROYAL 87W 28E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
159PWK MS BEEF 94T 116W1Cow Workman Farms  View
169APWK MS CONAN 116W 67E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
1710PWK LITTLE KITTY 6M 146W1Cow Workman Farms  View
1810APWK LITTLE KITTY 146W 23E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
1911MISS R PLUS 9278W1Cow Workman Farms  View
2012MISS XAVIERA 10X1Cow Workman Farms  View
2112APWK MR ROLLER 10X 25E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
2214PWK MS GUNNER 66R 76X1Cow Workman Farms  View
2314APWK MR CONAN 76X 61E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
2415SPRINGCREEK ADDIE 133X1Cow Workman Farms  View
2515APWK MS SPARK PLUG 133X 62E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
2616PWK MS KOSMO 35T 143X1Cow Workman Farms  View
2716APWK EXCLUSIVE 143X 29E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
2817BLCC MISS ROCHFORT 181X1Cow Workman Farms  View
2918BLCC MISS INSPIRATION 3261Cow Workman Farms  View
3019PWK MS KELSEY 121U 2Y1Cow Workman Farms  View
3119APWK MS KELSEY 2Y 63E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
3220PWK MS PAULA 39W 6Y1Cow Workman Farms  View
3320APWK GIBSONS FINEST 6Y 52E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
3421TWIN BRAE MS RUSTY BARON1Cow Workman Farms  View
3522PWK MS RUBY 18U 52Y1Cow Workman Farms  View
3623PWK MS KOSMO 19T 84Y1Cow Workman Farms  View
3723APWK MS ROXY 84Y 17E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
3824KRGS MS REDMAN1Cow Workman Farms  View
3924APWK WISERS DELUXE 137Y 50E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
4025BIG HILLS MISS DREAM 635Y1Cow Workman Farms  View
4125APWK MR ROLLER 635Y 12E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
4226DOWNHILL MS SHEARPIN 17Z1Cow Workman Farms  View
4327PWK MS ZOEY 30T 17Z1Cow Workman Farms  View
4428PWK MS KELSEY 121U 24Z1Cow Workman Farms  View
4528APWK WHISKEY 24Z 32E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
4629PWK MS BUGZ 64W 30Z1Cow Workman Farms  View
4729APWK MS MAXY 30Z 2E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
4830PWK MS BUGZ 58W 42Z1Cow Workman Farms  View
4930APWK BUGZ 42Z 49E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
5031PWK MS WISE GUY 318W 61Z1Cow Workman Farms  View
5131APWK WHISKEY GUY 61Z 33E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
5232PWK MS RUBY 52Y 7A1Cow Workman Farms  View
5332APWK MS RUBY 7A 46E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
5433PWK MS TESS 46U 17A1Cow Workman Farms  View
5533APWK MS TESS 17A 59E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
5634PWK MS TESS 46U 18A1Cow Workman Farms  View
5735PWK MS DESTINY 318W 19A1Cow Workman Farms  View
5835APWK MS MOUNTAIN 19A 8E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
5936PWK MS APRIL 87Y 26A1Cow Workman Farms  View
6036APWK MS WHISKEY 26A 27E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
6137PWK MS DESTINY 2T 45A1Cow Workman Farms  View
6237APWK MAXED OUT 45A 14E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
6338PWK MS KELSEY 2Y 52A1Cow Workman Farms  View
6438APWK WHISKEY 52A 42E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
6539PWK MS VELVET 16X 61A1Cow Workman Farms  View
6639APWK ROYAL 61A 48E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
6740PWK MS BOSSY 76R 76A1Cow Workman Farms  View
6840APWK WHISKEY 76A 18E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
6941PWK MS WESTWAY 6T 78A1Cow Workman Farms  View
7041APWK MS BEEFY 78A 26E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
7142PWK MS TANKY 25X 104A1Cow Workman Farms  View
7242APWK MR VISION 104A 3E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
7343MAR MAC DEB 212A1Cow Workman Farms  View
7443APWK MS MAXY 212A 31E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
7544PWK MS SHOGIRL 96W 11B1Cow Workman Farms  View
7645PWK MISS RUBY 18U 15B1Cow Workman Farms  View
7745APWK ROLLER 15B 16E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
7846MAR MAC SUNBEAM 17B1Cow Workman Farms  View
7946APWK WHISKEY 17B 5E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
8047PWK MS BUBZ 143X 38B1Cow Workman Farms  View
8148PWK MS KELSEY 2Y 44B1Cow Workman Farms  View
8249PWK MS 2T 46B1Cow Workman Farms  View
8349APWK MS ODIN 46B 40E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
8450PWK MS KELSEY 52A 1C1Cow Workman Farms  View
8551PWK MISS MAXINE 30T 2C1Cow Workman Farms  View
8652PWK MS BEEFY 104A 3C1Cow Workman Farms  View
8753PWK MS APRIL 26A 4C1Cow Workman Farms  View
8853APWK MS APRIL 4C 30E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
8954PWK MS SHAMELESS 17Z 7C1Cow Workman Farms  View
9054APWK MS SHAMELESS 7C 11E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
9155PWK MS CRYSTAL 35T 8C1Cow Workman Farms  View
9256PWK MS MOO 107Y 14C1Cow Workman Farms  View
9356APWK 62D1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
9457PWK MS TANKY 25X 15C1Cow Workman Farms  View
9557APWK ABSOLUTE 15C 15E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
9658PWK MS DOLLY 74P 17C1Cow Workman Farms  View
9758APWK MS DOLLY 17C 41E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
9859PWK MS MAXY 87Y 24C1Cow Workman Farms  View
9959APWK MS ODIN 24C 54E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
10060PWK MS DESTINY 143X 25C1Cow Workman Farms  View
10160APWK MS ABSOLUTE 25C 35E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
10261PWK MS DESTINY 61Z 26C1Cow Workman Farms  View
10361APWK MS DESTINY 26C 7E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
10462PWK MS BOSSY 26A 30C1Cow Workman Farms  View
10563PWK MS LASS 2Y 31C1Cow Workman Farms  View
10663APWK MR STAKES 31C 13E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
10764PWK MS BEEFY 116W 32C1Cow Workman Farms  View
10864APWK MS BEEFY 32C 34E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
10965PWK MS LITTLE KITTY 146W 36C1Cow Workman Farms  View
11066PWK MS BLACKY 16X 38C1Cow Workman Farms  View
11166APWK BLACK ODIN 38C 57E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
11267PWK MS TANK 96W 41C1Cow Workman Farms  View
11368PWK MS SHOWOFF 96W 42C1Cow Workman Farms  View
11469PWK MS TANKY 16W 45C1Cow Workman Farms  View
11569APWK HIGH STAKES 45C 6E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
11670SPRINGCREEK MISTRESS 111C1Cow Workman Farms  View
11770APWK MS WARRIOR 111C 53E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
11871PWK MS DOWNHILL 17Z 1D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
11972PWK MS VISION 143X 2D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
12073PWK MS VISION 84Y 4D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
12174PWK MS VISION 42Z 7D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
12275PWK MS MOUNTAIN 61Z 10D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
12376PWK MS STAKES 30B 14D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
12477PWK MS STAKES 5B 15D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
12578PWK MS WHISKEY 76X 17D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
12679PWK MS WHISKEY 76A 18D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
12780PWK MS MOO MOO 107Y 20D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
12881PWK 23D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
12982PWK LITTLE SUZY 87W 24D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
13083PWK MS SHOGIRL 11B 27D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
13184PWK MS RUBY 7A 29D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
13285PWK MS RUBY 18U 33D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
13386PWK MS INSPIRATION 326X 34D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
13487PWK MS APRIL 26A 37D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
13588PWK MS VOLTAGE 38B 38D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
13689PWK MS ODIN 212A 44D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
13790PWK MW DREAMY 635Y 47D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
13891PWK MS WHISKEY 9278W 51D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
13992PWK MS SUNBEAM 17B 54D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
14093PWK MS ZOEY 17Z 55D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
14194PWK MS SHO OFF 58W 56D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
14295PWK MS ODIN 30T 58D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
14396TWIN BRAE DARLING 96D1Bred HeiferWorkman Farms  View
14497APWK MS BEEFY 63B 22E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
14598APWK MAXINE 5B 55E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
14699APWK MAXINE 5B 56E1Heifer CalfWorkman Farms  View
147100APWK/PERKS REGAL 60E1Bull CalfWorkman Farms  View
148101ASemen on Skors High Roller 34C6SemenWorkman Farms  View
149101BSemen on SRS J914 Preferred Beef7SemenWorkman Farms  View
150101CSemen on Boundary Odin 103Z19SemenWorkman Farms  View
151101DSemen on Mr CCF Vision14SemenWorkman Farms  View
152101ESemen on CMS Dream On L1861SemenWorkman Farms  View
153101FSemen on KWA FLYF Red Mountain 16Z2SemenWorkman Farms  View
154101GSemen on MRL Capone 130B3SemenWorkman Farms  View
155101HSemen on Wheatland Bull 215Z1SemenWorkman Farms  View
156101ISemen on Erixon Magnum 69D24SemenWorkman Farms  View
157101JSemen on PWK Max Factor 137Y 17B7SemenWorkman Farms  View
158101KSemen on PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker1SemenWorkman Farms  View
159101LSemen on WS Beef Maker R1310SemenWorkman Farms  View
160101MSemen on MRL Red Whiskey 101B1SemenWorkman Farms  View
161101N"Semen on Anchor ""T"" Paragon 1X"28SemenWorkman Farms  View
162101O"Semen on Anchor ""T"" Metro 4E"1SemenWorkman Farms  View
163101PSemen on Arnold's High Five3SemenWorkman Farms  View
164101QSemen on SV Bavarian 7C18SemenWorkman Farms  View
165101RSemen on BGS Premium Red II 65D25SemenWorkman Farms  View
166101SSemen on Mel-Udy Desmond 21A9SemenWorkman Farms  View
167ThanksThanks for Watching & Bidding1ThanksThanksOnline View
168GRGate Run 1GRGate RunOnline View
169GRGate Run 1GRGate RunOnline View
170GRGate Run 1GRGate RunOnline View
Total Head: 331     
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