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CWA - Select Horse Sale and Preview

Friday, November 24, 2017 -- 09:00 AM MST


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1TestTest Your Bidding1TestTestOnline View
21Devils Tom Cat Hawker1GeldingBar-Lynn StablesRegina SK View
32TOPPERS PEPONITA1GeldingKaylee SazamaRegina SK View
43FQH Scott N Boon1GeldingFrehlick Quarter HorsesRegina SK View
54Tumtaps Classy Oaks1MareKassidy WilliamsonRegina SK View
65JT Hickorydickorydoc1GeldingLee PedersenRegina SK View
76Dash For Rosey1MareBrent BeaudoinRegina SK View
87Cool Peponita Ace1GeldingGarry NelsonRegina SK View
98JDS Tippys Treasure1GeldingBrent HornRegina SK View
109Smart Silver Plan1GeldingMona ThiessenRegina SK View
1110Tony1GeldingLayne SmithRegina SK View
1211Cosmic Smoke1GeldingSteelthorn RanchRegina SK View
1312JAE Little Lady Lea1MareGrant DuncalfeRegina SK View
1413JQH Puzzle1MarePaul Mohagen-DerbyRegina SK View
1514FQH Chex Night Hawk1MareFrehlick Quarter HorsesRegina SK View
1615Pickin Many Steps1GeldingSydney PedersenRegina SK View
1716Cisco Superstar1GeldingGarry NelsonRegina SK View
1817My Cash Valentine1MareKassidy WilliamsonRegina SK View
1918WP Carries Command1GeldingWelsey PetersenRegina SK View
2019RBAR Heza Bullet1GeldingJames OrrRegina SK View
2120Sun Doc Hail1GeldingWowk Ranch LtdRegina SK View
2221Just Like A Cat1GeldingWayne KlassenRegina SK View
2322Little Miss Profits1MareBrent BeaudoinRegina SK View
24ThanksThanks for Watching & Bidding1ThanksThanksRegina SK View
25GRGate Run 1GRGate RunRegina SK View
26GRGate Run 1GRGate RunRegina SK View
27GRGate Run 1GRGate RunRegina SK View
Total Head: 27     
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