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CWA - National Shorthorn Sale

Thursday, November 23, 2017 -- 02:00 PM CST


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1TestTest Your Bidding1TestTestOnline View
2DonationDonation Heifer1DonationBell M FarmsRegina SK View
31Creekside Retro 8E1Bull CalfCreekside ShorthornsRegina SK View
42WCC EZ Rider 102E1Bull CalfWatson Cattle CoRegina SK View
53MSA Stockman 17E1Bull CalfMartin FarmsRegina SK View
646 Vials- Olive Grove Century6SemenPat ButlerRegina SK View
755 Vials-Woody Hills Mark 6th5SemenRock Hill ShorthornsRegina SK View
86A5 Straws-BAR 33 Bodacious5SemenDevin NaultRegina SK View
96B5 Straws-BAR 33 Bodacious5SemenDevin NaultRegina SK View
1072 Straws-CUNIA MA1SemenClair Lane Stock FarmRegina SK View
118BELL M Pansy 38D1Bred HeiferBell M FarmsRegina SK View
129RVCC Duchess 15D1Bred HeiferBlair WilliamsonRegina SK View
1310SHADYBROOK Verona 14E1Open HeiferShadybrook FarmsRegina SK View
1411SHADYBROOK Hot Verona 56E1Open HeiferShadybrook FarmsRegina SK View
1512MSA Belle 8E1Open HeiferMartin FarmRegina SK View
1613MURIDALE Willow 23E1SemenMuridale ShorthornRegina SK View
1714MELBA Ally Velvet 1E1Open HeiferMelba Stock FarmRegina SK View
1815MELBA CBMT Secret Maid 61E1Open HeiferMelba Stock FarmRegina SK View
1916AEmbryos-Sugar Plum X Bandit2EmbryoMatlock Farms LtdRegina SK View
2016BFlush- Circle M Candys Sugar Plum1FlushMatlock Farms LtdRegina SK View
2117Embryos-Betsy X Rama4EmbryoBirdtail ShorthornsRegina SK View
2218Embryos-Admiration X Rama3EmbryoCreekside ShorthornsRegina SK View
2319Embryos-Minnie X Top Hand3EmbryoEvergreen Lane FarmsRegina SK View
2420Embryos-Minnie X Robert3EmbryoEvergreen Lane FarmsRegina SK View
2521Embryos-Village Maid X Century3EmbryoPat ButlerRegina SK View
26ThanksThank You For Attending1ThanksThank YouRegina SK View
27GRUpdated Lot - Watch chat window1GRGate RunRegina SK View
28GRUpdated Lot - Watch chat window1GRGate RunRegina SK View
29GRUpdated Lot - Watch chat window1GRGate RunRegina SK View
Total Head: 58     
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