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HLS Lloydminster Pre Sort Yearling and calf Sale - October 12, 2017

Thursday, October 12, 2017 -- 12:30 PM MST


This is a live broadcast of a pre-sort sale out of Lloydminster, AB. For more information call Jeannie at (780) 554-4939. Expecting 1200 yearlings.

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Seq#Lot#Pen#HeadSexBreedAvg. Wt.Total Wt.Consignor 
11302T5STRSTAN 4742368TAN View
22303T24STRSTAN 54313037TAN View
33304T15STRSTAN 5968942TAN View
44305T16STRSTAN 63910224TAN View
55306T12STRSTAN 6938316TAN View
66306J24STRSTAN 70516922J MAY HOLDINGS View
77307T5STRSTAN 7523758TAN View
88403C3STRSCHAR 5321597CHAR View
99404C7STRSCHAR 5724001CHAR View
1010405C13STRSCHAR 6368269CHAR View
1111406C11STRSCHAR 6867542CHAR View
1212407C6STRSCHAR 7354409CHAR View
1313201Z8STRSSIMM 4143313SIMMENTAL View
1414203 30STRSSIMM 51415425SIMMENTAL View
1515105 10STRSSIMM 5845838SIMMENTAL View
1616308A29STRSSIMM 61017677ATTRUX View
1717106 31STRSSIMM 63719756SIMMENTAL View
1818107 12STRSSIMM 7018408SIMMENTAL View
1919108 8STRSSIMM 7425939SIMMENTAL View
2020205 4STRSSIMM 8213285SIMMENTAL View
2121209S3STRSSMAL 300901SMALL View
2222204P4STRSPW 3471387PEE WEE View
2323111B51STRSBLK 46223580BLACK View
2424901B27STRSBLK 52314132BLACK View
2525902B39STRSBLK 58622869BLACK View
2626103B32STRSBLK 64320578BLACK View
2727104B15STRSBLK 69810466BLACK View
2929204B2STRSBLK 7641528BLACK View
3030210S13STRSSMOK 5236801SMOKE View
3131211S8STRSSMOK 5684541SMOKE View
3232407A18STRSANG 4147458R & B ANGUS View
3333402A10STRSANG 5165156RED ANGUS View
3434212A7STRSANG 5824072RED ANGUS View
3535211A11STRSANG 6627285RED ANGUS View
3636202A9STRSANG 7316581RED ANGUS View
3737805 1STRSBRIT 388388BRITISH View
3838801X2STRSBRIT 5121024BRITISH View
4040206D4STRSSPEC 6102440SPECKLE PARK View
4141110Y2STRSXBRD 5021004YEARLING View
4242111Y3STRSXBRD 6591978YEARLING View
4343113Y44STRSXBRD 84837303YEARLINGS View
4444112Y36STRSXBRD 93033495YEARLING View
4545115Y12STRSANGX 102612307YEARLING View
4646819K3STRSXBRD 5181554MIXED / HORNS View
4747820K6STRSXBRD 6704022MIXED / HORNS View
5050813M6STRSBB 4352611BULLS View
5151812M3STRSEXOT 4451335EXOTIC BULLS View
5252811M12STRSBB 5306356BULLS View
5353815M4STRSBB 6252500BULLS View
5454816M3STRSBB 6842052BULLS View
5555823E3STRSEAST 4441332S E & T View
5656824E1STRSEAST 599599S E & T View
5757608T3HFRSTAN 4341301TAN View
5858609T9HFRSTAN 4754275TAN View
5959610T16HFRSTAN 5478750TAN View
6060611T15HFRSTAN 5948906TAN View
6161612T19HFRSTAN 64712298TAN View
6262508C8HFRSCHAR 4113285CHAR View
6363510C6HFRSCHAR 5373220CHAR View
6464512C4HFRSCHAR 6332533CHAR View
6666507X2HFRSSIMM 440879SIMMENTAL View
6767506 5HFRSSIMM 4902451SIMMENTAL View
6868504 3HFRSSIMM 6071822SIMMENTAL View
6969605B23HFRSBLK 46810765BLACK View
7070604B39HFRSBLK 53220758BLACK View
7171603B15HFRSBLK 5928880BLACK View
7272602B23HFRSBLK 64514843BLACK View
7373512R7HFRSREDX 5313718RED EXOTIC View
7474411S15HFRSSMOK 5418113SMOKE View
7575606S4HFRSSMAL 2521010SMALL View
7676311A19HFRSANG 4067721RED ANGUS View
7777415A7HFRSANG 4853397RED ANGUS View
7878409A12HFRSANG 5917092RED ANGUS View
7979516D4HFRSSPEC 4961984SPECKLE PARK View
8080618Y2HFRSLIGH 6421283YEARLING View
8181617Y2HFRSXBRD 7241447YEARLING View
8282511Y22HFRSANGX 82018050YEARLING View
8383620Y3HFRSEXOT 9232769YEARLING View
8484619Y4HFRSANG 9733891YEARLING View
8585621Y5HFRSEXOT 11555776YEARLING View
8686516X2HFRSBRIT 408815BRITISH View
8787517X2HFRSBRIT 5071014BRITISH View
8888519X3HFRSBRIT 6091828BRITISH View
8989616K1HFRSXBRD 473473MIXED / HORNS View
9090618K1HFRSXBRD 637637MIXED / HORNS View
 Total Head: 985      
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